InflammaZoom International Webinar Series on Inflammasome Signalling


InflammaZoom is an international webinar series on Innate Immunity and Inflammasome biology and was established in June 2020 by Professor Clare Bryant (Cambridge Immunology Network chair) to ensure that communication of outstanding science in this area would continue in the face of the pandemic. This monthly webinar series has been extremely successful, setting a gold standard in quality and accessibility, with over 1500 registered users from over 300 international institutions and companies. This platform has provided an excellent opportunity for immunologists active in innate Immune research within Cambridge and internationally, to continue discussions and share findings.

InflammaZoom Upcoming Talks

24MAY Michael Heneka (University of Bonn, DZNE) and Etienne Meunier (IPBS University of Toulouse)

14JUN Vijay Rathinam (UConn Health) and Thiru Kanneganti (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)