Volume 12 Number 7

Kellie Ann Jurado has be named one of the 20 Packard Fellows for 2022!

ICIS Member and ICIS 2022 Christina Fleischmann Award winner, has been named one of the 20 Packard Fellows for 2022. She is one of a group of 20 innovative early-career scientists and engineers who are boldly pursuing new areas of research.

Kellie Jurado, Department of Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania, Discipline: Biological Sciences. Early-life immune exposures can profoundly impact lifelong health. The Jurado lab leverages emerging viruses as biological probes to uncover fundamental immune mechanisms that underlie and regulate immune responses in utero through early life.

Each Packard Fellow will receive $875,000 in unrestricted funds that they can use over five years in any way they choose. This fellowship, which is heading into its 35th year next year, is one of the largest non-governmental fellowships for research and, for many Fellows, is a critical steppingstone in their career.

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