Global ImmunoTalks Live on Wednesdays at 12:00 Eastern Time

Global ImmunoTalks: Virtual seminars in immunology. Launched by Carla Rothlin and Elina Zúñiga


Florent Ginhoux, Nicola Harris, Matteo Iannacone,
Carla Rothlin, Henrique Veiga-Fernandes & Elina Zúñiga

Live on Wednesdays 9AM PST, 12PM EST, 4PM* GMT (*note GMT change due to daylight saving time in US)

Global ImmunoTalks

Q&A via TWITTER with #globalimmuno (contingent on speaker availability)

All talks are recorded and uploaded in YouTube channel named “Global Immunotalks”


Individual talks and titles will be updated below and announced via Twitter with #globalimmuno from the account @globalimmuno


Click here to download the flyer for Global Immunotalks Jan13-July7 2021

January 13 Richard Flavell A humanized mouse model for COVID-19: Infection and Pathogenesis
January 20 Dario Zamboni Innate Immunity and Inflammasome activation in response to SARS-CoV-2 impacts the outcome of COVID-19 in patients
January 27 Ellen Rothenberg Supplying the T cell generation pipeline by gene regulation:  quick start operating instructions
February 3 Burkhard Becher GM-CSF: communication conduit between lymphocytes and myeloid cells in inflammation
February 10 Gabriel Victora Clonal Dynamics of the B cell response
February 17 Maria Yazdanbakhsh Dissecting the interaction of parasites with the immune system- is the glass half full or half empty?
February 24 Ana Domingos Neuroimmunometabolism
March 3 Schwartzberg, Pamela Integrating T cell signals: lessons from genetics and primary immunodeficiencies.
March 10 Janelle Ayres Host-pathogen interactions: Harnessing co-evolution to treat disease
March 17 Miguel Soares The iron age of disease tolerance to infection 
March 24 Fiona Powrie Translating immunology into new therapies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
March 31 Pippa Marrack How immunologists drank the T cell receptor Cool Aid and recovered
April 7 Philippe Bousso Decoding mechanisms of tumor immunotherapies using intravital imaging
April 14 Andres Hidalgo Neutrophils: the power on “n”
April 21 Matteo Iannacone Immune surveillance of the liver by CD8+ T cells
April 28 Wolfgang Kastenmuller Dynamic orchestration of cellular networks in the immune system
May 5 Sahlin Naik TBA
May 12 Marion Pepper CD4 T cell memory in the lungs
May 19 Nicola Harris TBA
May 26 Diane Mathis TBA
June 2 Gabrielle Belz TBA
June 9 David Masopust TBA
June 16 Tineke Cantaert TBA
June 23 Alex Kallies TBA
June 30 Henrique Veiga-Fernandes TBA
July 7 Florent Ginhoux TBA


4/22/20 Daniel Mucida Neuro-immune interactions in the gut Click here for recording
4/29/20 Caetano Reis e Sousa Cells and pathways in immunity to cancer and infection Click here for recording
5/6/20 Hai Qi Regulation of the antibody response: from sex to the brain Click here for recording
5/13/20 Yasmine Belkaid Microbiota control of tissue immunity Click here for recording
5/20/20 Susan Kaech Long-term immunity…the key to normalcy Click here for recording
5/27/20 Bali Pulendran Probing the Human Immune Response to Viruses and Vaccines Click here for recording
6/3/20 Jason Cyster Cues guiding and restraining B cell responses Click here for recording
6/10/20 Kate Fitzgerald The Offensive Side of Immune Defenses; how DNA sensing pathways protect and harm Click here for recording
6/17/20 John Wherry Immune Profiling of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Click here for recording
6/24/20 Marco Colonna Innate Immune Responses in Neurodegeneration Click here for recording
7/1/20 Carla Rothlin Phosphatidylserine sensing in life and death Click here for recording
7/8/20 Chris Hunter Limiting Infection-Induced Inflammation Click here for recording
7/15/20 Manuela Raffatellu Nutritional immunity in the inflamed gut Click here for recording
7/22/20 Alexander Rudensky Regulatory T cells Click here for recording
7/29/20 Ron Germain Seeing is Believing: Using Advanced Imaging Methods to Develop a Deep Understanding of Immune System Organization and Function In Situ Click here for recording
8/5/20 Elina Zúñiga Adapting to a viral infection Click here for recording
8/12/20 Carola Vinuesa Follicular T cells and their regulation of antibody responses and class switching Click here for recording
8/19/20 John Kappler Neo-antigens Generated by Transpeptidation in Type-1 Diabetes Click here for recording
8/26/20 Ruslan Medzhitov Homeostasis, Inflammation and Disease Click here for recording
9/2/20 Miriam Merad Pathogenic inflammation in COVID19 patients Click here for recording
9/9/20 Juan Cubillos-Ruiz Stress Management in Intratumoral Immune Cells Click here for recording
9/16/20 Dan Littman Homeostatic and pathogenic cell interactions at the gut microbiota-mucosa interface Click here for recording
9/23/20 Emily Troemel Characterization of the Intracellular Pathogen Response in C. elegans Click here for recording
9/30/20 Dietmar Zehn Differentiation and maintenance of exhausted T cell populations Click here for recording
10/7/20 Jen Gommerman IgA producing cells in health and disease Click here for recording
10/14/20 Katrin Mayer-Barber Pulmonary innate immunity during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Click here for recording
10/21/20 Boris Reizis Autoimmunity to extracellular DNA Click here for recording
10/28/20 Julie Magarian Blander Regulation of the Cell Biology of Antigen Presentation in Dendritic Cells Click for recording
11/4/20 Erika Pearce Polyamine metabolism in the regulation of T cell lineage fidelity and function Click here for recording
11/11/20 Gabriel Rabinovich The Sweet Escape: Glyco-checkpoints as Therapeutic Targets in Cancer, Autoimmunity and Infection Click here for recording
11/18/20 Laura Mackay Differentiation of tissue-resident lymphocytes Click here for recording
11/25/20 Ido Amit The power of ONE: Immunology in the age of single cell genomics Click here for recording
12/2/20 Zaza Ndhlovu Lessons from very early initiation of antiretroviral therapy that inform HIV cure strategies Click here for recording
12/9/20 Richard Locksley ILC2s, innate allergy, and tissue resilience Click here for recording
12/16/20 Federica Sallusto Human T cell subsets in health and diseases Click here for recording