Cytokines 2021 Virtual Meeting Abstract Award Winners

Announcing the Cytokines 2021 Virtual Meeting Milstein Abstract Award Winners

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Announcing the Cytokines 2021 Virtual Meeting EFIS Trainee Abstract Awards

European Federation of Immunological Societies and the European Journal of Immunology Travel/Abstract Awards

Available for trainees and postdoc presenters who are currently working in Europe or the UK. Applicants must not be ICIS members to apply for an EFIS/EJI Travel/Abstract Award.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Philip Milstein family, the following top rated abstract presenters were awarded Abstract Awards in lieu of Travel Awards in 2020:

Felix Aggor, United States

Hajera Amatullah, United States

Laurisa Ankley, United States

Ab Banday, United States

Dirk Baumjohann, Germany

Defne Bayik, United States

Rami Bechara, United States

Dave Boucher, United Kingdom

Ian Boys, United States

Rebecca Casazza, United States

Ainara Castellanos-Rubio, Spain

Hsin-Hsiang Chen, Taiwan

Hyeon Joo Cheon, United States

Rosa Coldbeck-Shackley, Australia

Ang Cui, United States

Kaustav Das Gupta, Australia

Ruby Dawson, Australia

Elizabeth Fay, United States

Achilleas Floudas, Ireland

Daniel Fox, Australia

Kevin Gao, United States

Andrew Gustin, United States

Kun He, United States

Markus Hofer, Australia

Sevasti Karaliota, United States

Takeshi Kawabe, Japan

Samuel Kazer, United States

Sangmi Kim, United Kingdom

Hyun Jik Kim, Korea

Thomas Krausgruber, Austria

Kevin Lee, Australia

Jessica Lenoir, United States

Katrina Mar, United States

Claire McCoy, Ireland

Michael Mcfadden, United States

Roza Nurieva, United States

Yifat Ofir-Birin, Israel

David Olagnier, Denmark

Jose Ordovas-Montanes, United States

Prashant Rai, United States

Emily Rapp, United States

Leon Schulte, Germany

Daniella Schwartz, United States

Johannes Schwerk, United States

Nikaia Smith, France

Frank Soveg, United States

Tobias Suske, Austria

Briana Turner, United States

Takuya Uehata, Japan

Barney Viengkhou, Australia

Dongwen Wu, United States

Dakang Xu, China

Jacob Yount, United States

Hsiao Yu-Ling, Taiwan