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Two Faculty positions at Aarhus University, Denmark – Molecular Medicine and/or Molecular Cell Biology

Dear Colleagues

Our department is looking for two new faculty members within the area of Molecular Medicine, as a part of a general strengthening of this area at the department. Note that Immunology and virology are focus area. Denmark offers attractive living conditions and competitive funding via large private Danish foundations (the novo Nordic foundation is now one of the worlds largest foundation and supports Danish science). [READ MORE]

Cytokine Careers
Cytokine Careers

ICIS Member Career Chronicles: Abigail Pajulas’ Postdoc Journey

Abigail Pajulas – My journey in the world of Immunology has been a series of fortunate events, shaping what I characterize as a culmination of fortuitous opportunities and serendipitous events. It began with the completion of my undergraduate degree at California State University, Northridge. Under the guidance of Dr. MariaElena Zavala, I was encouraged to pursue my Ph.D. outside of California. Embracing this advice, I enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Indiana. [READ MORE]

Cytokine Careers

Therapeutic Area Biomarker Lead/Biomarker Strategy – Immunology

As an Immunology Therapeutic Area Biomarker Lead (TABL) you will lead disease area biomarker matrix teams and be accountable for the delivery of “fit for purpose” exploratory biomarker strategies across multiple programs in early and late clinical stages. In late phase particularly, you’ll be expected to assume the overall accountability for the biomarker strategy for at least one of our portfolio assets. You will be a core member of Project teams, involved in Global Biomarker and Diagnostic Teams, engaged in Translational Data Science teams, and provide therapeutic area line strategic, scientific and tactical input. As a TABL you will lead efforts to identify, develop, and drive disease, mechanistic and compound biology that serves the precision medicine hypotheses for the multi-indication portfolio.

In the role of TABL in Biomedical Research, Translational Medicine-Biomarker Development (BMD) you will be responsible for: [READ MORE]

Cytokine Careers

Postdoctor Training Program at Regeneron

The Regeneron Postdoctoral program is a multi-faceted program that integrates cutting edge science with didactic training, discussion groups, and focused, multi-tiered mentoring. Learn more about the program

Our program seeks to:
Nurture and support the growth of developing scientists
Bolster the scientific pipeline, both internally and externally
Increase visibility and engagement with developing scientists and academic institutions
Excite current scientific staff by giving them an opportunity to pursue creative non-pipeline projects and mentor talented trainees
Continue and enhance Regeneron’s strong tradition of publishing innovations in basic science [READ MORE]