Juan Pedro Lapuente, PhD

Juan Pedro Lapuente, Ph.D.
Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada
LivingCells Lab
Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Juan Pedro Lapuente is a Medical Doctor from Zaragoza University, with several master’s degrees in cell and molecular biology and advanced therapies. He completed his PhD in cell and molecular biology at UCAM University in 2020. He is now developing various lines of research based on the development of new biological drugs and advanced cell therapy by establishing a crosstalk between various cells of the immune system with primary cells from different tissues and stromal cells, at the Molecular and cellular biology laboratory of Livingcells at the University Hospital of Fuenlabrada (Madrid, Spain), where he holds the position of Research and Development Director. He currently holds the position of Scientific Director of the Peaches Biotech Group, a pharmaceutical-biotechnology company, where he has developed the PCT patent for the PRS line of biological drugs based on the establishment of cross-talk between macrophages and primary cells of different tissues and stromal cells, with the purpose of achieving immunomodulatory anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects in different diseases, injuries and tissues. In addition to developing two new biological drugs for the treatment of pancreatic cancer (PCT shared with Harvard University) and for solid cancers in different tissues (PCT shared with the University of Zaragoza). www.peaches.es